7 Ways to Style Your Refrigerator with Magtech Photo Pockets

Personalize your kitchen by customizing your refrigerator! Every home has a refrigerator. Make yours more than just a storage fixture (or for some an eye sore). There are so many ways to make Magtech's Magnetic Photo Pockets work for you and here are 7 easy ideas to get you started.

1. Feature School Photos

Every year we get adorable school photos and we admire them and gift them to our family and friends but what do you do next? Throw them into a box? Frame an odd one here and there? 

Feature them and give them a spot in your kitchen! Create a space to show off those adorable portraits with our  2x3 (wallet) or even 4x6 sized photo pocket frames. Switch out the photos every year and see those smiling faces every day.

2. Showcase Kids Art Work

Do you struggle to find a place to put art work? Or have some art that you just adore? Maybe a drawing or painting that your child is especially proud of? Display it with ease with our many sizes of photo pockets but especially the 8.5 x 11 Multi-Use Magnetic Pocket. Switch out the art weekly or give your child a whole section to fill. It is the easiest way to display art work on the fridge without having the paper flap every time the fridge is opened and avoid magnets falling due to the weight of heavier craft papers. 

3. Show Team or Sport Photos

Just like school photos, these treasured snap shots of team sports can accumulate. Proudly display those team photos with our 5x7 Magnetic Photo Pockets. Our products are made to have a snug fit and can be used vertically (portrait style) or horizontally, perfect for team photos. 

4. Reminisce On Your Recent Vacation 

Don't forget about those amazing pictures you snapped while on vacation! Print them and show them off so you can smile as you remember those amazing views, activities, sights and experiences you had. The fridge is the perfect place to showcase your recent trip photos for yourself and to share with visitors. Hot tip: Write the location on the photo pocket with a dry erase pen, it wipes clean!

 Refrigerator with photo pockets featuring beach

5. Make A Family Command Center

Stay organized by creating a family command center that includes a calendar, chore charts, grocery lists and reminders for the whole family. Magtech's photo pockets use a high-quality clear seamless plastic cover that is compatible with dry-erase markers for a wipe-clean versatility. Our 8.5x11 Magnetic photo pockets are the perfect size for customizing your refrigerator to bring some organization to your daily life. Create a monthly calendar that can be edited on the spot. Create a chore chart that can be checked off and re-used daily. Keep a running grocery list or have reminders handy and in sight where you can't miss them. Create your command center today and get organized! 

6.  Create a Learning Center

Inspire your children to create and learn while promoting motor skills by using the vertical surface of your refrigerator. Our 8.5x11 Wipe- Clean Magnetic Activity Pockets come with 6 activity sheets to get you started. Use these activity pockets empty and with colorful dry-erase markers to let your children express themselves through drawing.  Let them practice writing skills using our activity sheets or print your own. The options are truly endless! Some ideas for printable activities include Find It or I-spy puzzles, mazes, numbered dot to dot drawings and drawing prompts. Even the youngest preschooler can benefit from this great product. 

7. Stay Inspired

Use Magtech Magnetic Photo Pockets to customize your refrigerator to reflect you! Find images that inspire you, evoke calm or expresses your aesthetic and showcase them on your fridge. Create a collage of calming images or inspirational perspectives. Showcase your own photography while protecting your prints in our high-quality photo pockets that prevent fading from UV exposure.

Magtech Magnetic Photo Pockets feature a full magnetic back, UV protective covering and are heat-sealed on 2 sides. This ensures your photos stay pristine and will not slip, nor with the photo pocket frame fall from the fridge as the door opens and closes. Update your kitchen fridge today! Stay tuned for more color and frame customizations coming soon!