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3 Occasions When Magnetic Photo Frames Are the Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift can be an exercise in futility for some of us. It’s hard to choose something that will absolutely please the receiver. And when you think you finally found it, you start to second-guess your purchase, feeling like you’re standing on tenterhooks, waiting for your family member, loved one, or friend to let you know how well you chose. Well, you never have to go through that again with magnetic photo frames. At least, if you’re gifting these on certain occasions. And we’re here to let you know just what those times are.

#1: Retirement Party

One of your colleagues is now going to retire and try to enjoy the rest of his/her life free from the drudgery of working in your office day in and day out. Of course, everyone will be giving him a token gift to remember them by. YOU can give him a set of magnetic photo pockets 4x6, something larger like a 5x7, or a variety pack. He (or she!) can use the magnetic picture frames to store pics of his work friends (or family if he is being picky about it) on the fridge or in that RV that he is planning on driving around the country in.

#2: Grandparent’s Birthday/Anniversary

Fridge with pictures

We all know how our grandparents absolutely love to look at pictures of their grandkids every chance they get. Which means, a pack of magnetic picture frames is going to be the best gift ever. They can use it to organize the photos on their fridge as well as keep them from fading/getting torn up. They can even use it to decorate the walls of their RV when they go on their trip around the country right after they retire, of course. They’ll probably meet your retired coworker on their trip on some RV park and compare magnetic photo sleeves, er, we mean pictures.

#3: Celebrating Someone’s Promotion to Office Manager

Ok, so this is a very specific event and will not apply to you if a) you do not have an office manager and b) you are the office manager. In case this is something that could potentially occur in your life, read on. If not, then this is the end of our article for you.

Anyway, so magnetic photo frames are the perfect celebratory gift to someone who has been promoted to office manager. Typically, this job entails a lot of administrative duties which includes managing the filing system of the office. A filing system needs labels and magnetic photo frames are perfect in that regard. As office manager, he or she can also use the same frames for placing instruction manuals or reminders on the printer, company refrigerator, office cooler, etc.

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Different Kinds of Magnetic Picture Frames

Magnetic picture frames are typically clear plastic pockets with a magnetic back that will allow you to post your photos in an organized and secure way on any metallic surface. Now, most people would think that these magnetic photo sleeves come in one standard size only. But magnetic photo pockets 4x6 packs are actually not the only size available. In fact, size is not the only thing you can choose. And we’re here to list all the various types of magnetic photo frames that you can choose from.

2.5x3.5 Magnetic Photo Pocket

2.5x3.5 Magnetic Picture Frames

If 4x6 is the standard picture size, what is 2.5x3.5? Well, this is for wallet size photos. Yes, there are actually magnetic photo frames that will fit perfectly with your grandchild’s graduation picture.


3.5x5 Magnetic Photo Pocket Frame

3.5x5 Magnetic Photo Frames

Most millennials won't know this but the standard size of photos from a long time ago was actually 3.5"x5", not 4"x6". If you have plenty of old photos that you'd like to place in a magnetic picture frame, then this is exactly what you've been looking for.

5x7 Magnetic Photo Pocket Frame

5x7 Magnetic Photo Frames

Some people like their images a little bit bigger than the standard size. If that’s you, then these are the frames for your 5x7 pictures. You can also opt to place two 3.5x5 photos side by side within these magnetic photo sleeves for framing.

8.5x11 Multi-Use Magnetic Pocket

8.5x11 Multi-Use Magnetic Pocket

If you like your pictures as big as your bond paper OR you prefer to place artwork, documents, or instruction manuals inside your magnetic photo frames, then this is the size you're looking for. This is also perfect if you’ve created a collage of pictures, printed them out, and need a magnetic photo frame to showcase it on your refrigerator.

Magnetic Photo Pocket Frames, Events

Decorated Magnetic Photo Frames

We've been pointing out the different sizes of magnetic photo sleeves you can find online so that you are able to choose the right fit for you. But size is not the only factor. You can also choose magnetic picture frames that come with different border designs. There are some that feature holidays such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Some border designs specifically target school picture days while others are for special events like a soccer game, birthdays, beach outings, and road trips. The designs will definitely spruce up your refrigerator door.

Magnetic Photo Pocket - Colors

Colored frames

If decorated frames are not your thing and you really prefer 4x6 sized photos, then there's another option for you. You can make your photos pop out with these colored magnetic photo frames. The entire background of the frames are in one solid color so even without photos, they'll still brighten up the space. 

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Magnetic Picture Frames are the Perfect Gift

Ok, so we all know that picture frames aren’t really anyone’s dream gift. It’s generic and screams “unplanned” as well as “thoughtless.” It even scores lower than socks and a sweater on the gift scale. That is, unless you put a picture inside that would make it more personal. But then, it becomes a whole other ball game. A topic that we will get into in the future. Possibly. In any case, we’ve already established that it would be the worst gift you could ever give… but that’s not the case with magnetic picture frames. Say what?! Yes, magnetic photo frames can be the perfect gift for certain people. And we’ve got a list of just who they are.

#1: Grandparents

Pictures on fridge

Obviously, magnetic picture frames for the refrigerator are the perfect gift for grandparents who want to see their grandkids every time they go into the kitchen. Instead of using refrigerator magnets, they can use these magnetic photo sleeves that will organize the photos into a tasteful array of memories. Moreover, they can use them to keep the photos protected while on display.

#2: Parents

Just like grandparents, parents also post lots of their kids’ photos and artworks on the fridge. Gifting them with magnetic picture frames will also give them the same benefits - organization and protection. In addition, they can use these to post to-do lists, calendars, important contact numbers, etc. Even soon-to-be parents would love this kind of gift as it will allow them to frame ultrasound baby pictures that can be later switched out with photos of their newborn.

#3: Truck Drivers

People who are constantly on the road such as truck drivers would appreciate being able to view pictures of their loved ones while hauling their ass thousands of miles away. Magnetic photo frames can enable them to place pictures on their dashboard that will make their vehicle feel more like home.

#4: Office Managers/Secretaries

Magnetic photo frames are not just for showcasing family photos on your fridge or dashboard. These can also help organize an office. Plenty of office managers use these frames as label holders for filing cabinets. They can even be used to place reminders on the refrigerator inside the company’s pantry such as who owns that delicious BLT and why anyone caught stealing it will receive a punishment worse than death.

Can you think of anyone else deserving of magnetic picture frames as a gift?

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Our Top 5 Recommended Magnetic Photo Frames

Whether you're at work or at home, you'll find magnetic picture frames an essential part of your decor. These magnetic photo sleeves are typically used to put up various family photos on the fridge or as label holders for filing cabinets and the like in offices. Some of these are even used as a way for truck drivers to “post” pictures of their family along his dashboard, to keep him company while he makes his deliveries. You’d be surprised to know just how many uses there are for magnetic photo frames. That’s why we’ve got a list of the 5 best magnetic picture frames you can buy that you can use for various purposes.

#1: Magnetic Photo Pocket - Colors

Magnetic Photo Pocket - Colors

If you want to add some color to your magnetic picture frames, this is the way to do it. You can use the colored frames to create more vibrant decor on your fridge or the walls of your RV. 



#2: Magnetic Photo Pocket Variety Pack

Magnetic Photo Pocket Variety Pack

Not all your photos will be the same size. Not all your magnetic picture frames will be used for photos either. So why get a pack that just has one size? You can use some for photos on your fridge, labels on your metal filing cabinet, or just use all to decorate the walls of your RV.

#3: 8.5x11 Multi-Use Magnetic Pocket

8.5x11 Multi-Use Magnetic Pocket

If these seem too large for magnetic picture frames for refrigerator, you’d be partially wrong. Photos aren’t the only thing you can slip into these. You can slip in drawings, to-do lists, and calendars. You can even stick this photo pocket on an appliance to safely store its manual and for easy viewing when you need it for reference/repairs.

#4: Magnetic Photo Pocket Frames

Magnetic Photo Pocket Frames

These magnetic photo pockets (4x6) are more than just the basic ones you can find everywhere. Each magnetic picture frame comes with decorated borders to give each picture more pizazz. These come with cute puppy/kitten borders, cute teddy bears, christmas decor borders, valentine hearts, halloween, etc. There are plenty of themes to choose from that will fit your current mood and style.

#5: 2.5x3.5 Magnetic Photo Pocket Frame

2.5x3.5 Magnetic Photo Pocket Frame

If you have a penchant for wallet-sized photos, then these are the magnetic picture frames that you need. This size is also perfect for labels/signs, and trading cards that you want to frame. Some may even use this size for keeping important business cards right where you can see them like those of your favorite plumber’s.

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Why Magnetic Photo Frames are the Perfect Gift for Your Grandparents

As you plan your next birthday, Christmas, or "just because" gift, you might be surprised how much your grandparents would love these magnetic photo sleeves. And we have several reasons why:

#1: Use to organize all the photos of their grandkids that they put on the fridge.

Pictures on refrigerator

Unless they live next door, it’s safe to say that grandparents love seeing photos of their grandkids a lot. That’s why giving them magnetic picture frames for refrigerator is a perfect gift. No need for them to worry about framing it and finding room on the shelf or on the wall. They can easily stick them on the door of their fridge! Not only that, these frames also ensure that the photos will be organized - no overlapping. Also, these ensure that the pictures will never fall down, get creased, or get fingerprint smudges. And it’s quite easy to change out the pictures once your grandparents get new updates. 

#2: Use to decorate an RV

If your grandparents love to travel a lot, then these babies will definitely be a big hit! Since magnetic picture frames can stick to anything metal, guess what they can use to decorate the walls of their RV? It’ll certainly make the vehicle feel more like home. 

#3: Use to make reminders

Artwork on refrigerator

While sticking memories on your fridge is the main purpose of magnetic picture frames, these sleeves can also hold other things such as reminders. For grandparents who need to quickly find an important phone number such as those belonging to family, neighbor, doctor, etc., then this is an ideal solution. Instead of writing it down on a piece of paper and placing it somewhere or scrawling it on a whiteboard (which can be erased accidentally), you can print out the list, slip it inside the magnetic photo sleeves, and stick it where it’ll be easily seen - on the refrigerator!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Magnetic Photo Frames

Magnetic photo frames

Printed photos seem to be a thing of the past… or are they? In this digital world we live in, there seems to be more photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest than in physical albums. But that doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t invest in some magnetic picture frames for your home. Obviously, magnetic picture frames for a refrigerator allows you to see your family photos whenever you pass by the fridge. But there are a whole host of other reasons why these are a must-have in your home.

#1: Appliance Manuals

It’s always a pain when you have to search through old papers just to see your water heater’s manual when you need to do a quick repair. Well, with magnetic photo frames, you can simply insert the manual in the pocket and stick it right on the appliance. No fuss, no muss.

#2: Learning tool

Artwork on refrigerator

Little kids love playing with refrigerator magnets. So why not use your magnetic photo sleeves to help your kids learn new things? Some of these products come in a really small size - 2.5x3.5 inches. Print out some pictures and words, slip them inside the photo pocket, and slap them on the fridge. Then ask your kid to match the words with the pictures. It could be used for reading, math, same and opposite concepts, etc.

#3: Diet reminders

Most people use magnetic photo frames to put their family photos on the refrigerator. And why not? It’s fun to look at all those memories. But it could also be used to stick something up on your refrigerator - diet reminders. When you’re on a diet that you need to strictly follow (for health purposes, of course), it pays to have a reminder or a schedule of what you’re supposed to eat and when right there on your food source. Before you even start scrounging around for food, you’re quickly reminded of what you should be eating, not what you want to eat.

As we said earlier, there are plenty of uses for magnetic picture frames. They’re not just there to help you create a photo album on your fridge. It can be used as tools for learning and health. It can also be used to give you quick access to information. Anything really! The only limit is your imagination.

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