Why Magnetic Photo Frames are the Perfect Gift for Your Grandparents

As you plan your next birthday, Christmas, or "just because" gift, you might be surprised how much your grandparents would love these magnetic photo sleeves. And we have several reasons why:

#1: Use to organize all the photos of their grandkids that they put on the fridge.

Pictures on refrigerator

Unless they live next door, it’s safe to say that grandparents love seeing photos of their grandkids a lot. That’s why giving them magnetic picture frames for refrigerator is a perfect gift. No need for them to worry about framing it and finding room on the shelf or on the wall. They can easily stick them on the door of their fridge! Not only that, these frames also ensure that the photos will be organized - no overlapping. Also, these ensure that the pictures will never fall down, get creased, or get fingerprint smudges. And it’s quite easy to change out the pictures once your grandparents get new updates. 

#2: Use to decorate an RV

If your grandparents love to travel a lot, then these babies will definitely be a big hit! Since magnetic picture frames can stick to anything metal, guess what they can use to decorate the walls of their RV? It’ll certainly make the vehicle feel more like home. 

#3: Use to make reminders

Artwork on refrigerator

While sticking memories on your fridge is the main purpose of magnetic picture frames, these sleeves can also hold other things such as reminders. For grandparents who need to quickly find an important phone number such as those belonging to family, neighbor, doctor, etc., then this is an ideal solution. Instead of writing it down on a piece of paper and placing it somewhere or scrawling it on a whiteboard (which can be erased accidentally), you can print out the list, slip it inside the magnetic photo sleeves, and stick it where it’ll be easily seen - on the refrigerator!