Different Kinds of Magnetic Picture Frames

Magnetic picture frames are typically clear plastic pockets with a magnetic back that will allow you to post your photos in an organized and secure way on any metallic surface. Now, most people would think that these magnetic photo sleeves come in one standard size only. But magnetic photo pockets 4x6 packs are actually not the only size available. In fact, size is not the only thing you can choose. And we’re here to list all the various types of magnetic photo frames that you can choose from.

2.5x3.5 Magnetic Photo Pocket

2.5x3.5 Magnetic Picture Frames

If 4x6 is the standard picture size, what is 2.5x3.5? Well, this is for wallet size photos. Yes, there are actually magnetic photo frames that will fit perfectly with your grandchild’s graduation picture.


3.5x5 Magnetic Photo Pocket Frame

3.5x5 Magnetic Photo Frames

Most millennials won't know this but the standard size of photos from a long time ago was actually 3.5"x5", not 4"x6". If you have plenty of old photos that you'd like to place in a magnetic picture frame, then this is exactly what you've been looking for.

5x7 Magnetic Photo Pocket Frame

5x7 Magnetic Photo Frames

Some people like their images a little bit bigger than the standard size. If that’s you, then these are the frames for your 5x7 pictures. You can also opt to place two 3.5x5 photos side by side within these magnetic photo sleeves for framing.

8.5x11 Multi-Use Magnetic Pocket

8.5x11 Multi-Use Magnetic Pocket

If you like your pictures as big as your bond paper OR you prefer to place artwork, documents, or instruction manuals inside your magnetic photo frames, then this is the size you're looking for. This is also perfect if you’ve created a collage of pictures, printed them out, and need a magnetic photo frame to showcase it on your refrigerator.

Magnetic Photo Pocket Frames, Events

Decorated Magnetic Photo Frames

We've been pointing out the different sizes of magnetic photo sleeves you can find online so that you are able to choose the right fit for you. But size is not the only factor. You can also choose magnetic picture frames that come with different border designs. There are some that feature holidays such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Some border designs specifically target school picture days while others are for special events like a soccer game, birthdays, beach outings, and road trips. The designs will definitely spruce up your refrigerator door.

Magnetic Photo Pocket - Colors

Colored frames

If decorated frames are not your thing and you really prefer 4x6 sized photos, then there's another option for you. You can make your photos pop out with these colored magnetic photo frames. The entire background of the frames are in one solid color so even without photos, they'll still brighten up the space.