Magnetic Picture Frames are the Perfect Gift

Ok, so we all know that picture frames aren’t really anyone’s dream gift. It’s generic and screams “unplanned” as well as “thoughtless.” It even scores lower than socks and a sweater on the gift scale. That is, unless you put a picture inside that would make it more personal. But then, it becomes a whole other ball game. A topic that we will get into in the future. Possibly. In any case, we’ve already established that it would be the worst gift you could ever give… but that’s not the case with magnetic picture frames. Say what?! Yes, magnetic photo frames can be the perfect gift for certain people. And we’ve got a list of just who they are.

#1: Grandparents

Pictures on fridge

Obviously, magnetic picture frames for the refrigerator are the perfect gift for grandparents who want to see their grandkids every time they go into the kitchen. Instead of using refrigerator magnets, they can use these magnetic photo sleeves that will organize the photos into a tasteful array of memories. Moreover, they can use them to keep the photos protected while on display.

#2: Parents

Just like grandparents, parents also post lots of their kids’ photos and artworks on the fridge. Gifting them with magnetic picture frames will also give them the same benefits - organization and protection. In addition, they can use these to post to-do lists, calendars, important contact numbers, etc. Even soon-to-be parents would love this kind of gift as it will allow them to frame ultrasound baby pictures that can be later switched out with photos of their newborn.

#3: Truck Drivers

People who are constantly on the road such as truck drivers would appreciate being able to view pictures of their loved ones while traveling thousands of miles away. Magnetic photo frames can enable them to place pictures on their dashboard that will make their vehicle feel more like home.

#4: Office Managers/Secretaries

Magnetic photo frames are not just for showcasing family photos on your fridge or dashboard. These can also help organize an office. Plenty of office managers use these frames as label holders for filing cabinets. They can even be used to place reminders on the refrigerator inside the company’s pantry such as who owns that delicious BLT and why anyone caught stealing it will receive a punishment worse than death.

Can you think of anyone else deserving of magnetic picture frames as a gift?