Creative Ways to Use Magnetic Self-Adhesive Craft Sheets

Face Paper for 3 pack Magnetic Craft Sheets for DIY magnet Crafts
These magnetic craft sheets can be used in so many ways! Magnetic craft sheets such as these can be used for:
  • Labels
  • Photo displays
  • Custom magnets
  • DIY crafts 
  • Fun Learning Activities for kids
  • Picture Gifts
  • Save The Date Invites
Your creativity can take you anywhere with these easy to use magnetic craft sheets. Before we go into some ideas to get you started let's talk about some advantages of Magtech Magnetic Craft Sheets.
Magnets created with DIY magnetic craft sheets
First, they are flexible! This makes cutting to size so much easier. No need for special crafting scissors, paper cutters or being limited to straight cuts.
Any scissors will do and cutting around the smallest details are possible. Also, the slim 20 mil thickness is ideal for creating a flat seamless look when applied to paper, photos and cardstock. 
horse shoe magnet
Second, they are strong! Do not mistake these magnets for the flimsy magnets cheaper products provide, these sheets use quality guaranteed, USA made, flexible magnet material providing a strong hold to all metal surfaces. Your creations will not slip or fall off.
Easy Peel backing from magnet sheet
Third, easy peel adhesive backing. No need for glue or adhesive, just peel and stick! Crafting made easy!


kids magnetic shapes toy Children's Magnet Play Set made with Magnetic Craft Sheets
Still not sure how you could use magnetic craft sheets? Take a look at these easy ideas to get you started.
More Creative Ways to Use Magnetic Self-Adhesive Craft Sheets
1. Photo Magnets
Create your own photo magnets. Print your photos or get prints through your favorite service (Walgreens, Shutterfly etc.), apply to adhesive backing and trim off excess material. Cut into fun shapes for extra fun. 
Photos on refrigerator
2.  Custom Magnets
Make any image or small item into a magnet for your refrigerator, locker, cabinet or any metal surface. Favorite penny? Favorite Animal Picture? Postcard? These can be easily made into a magnet for your desired surface. Other ideas include:
  • Make your photo booth strips into cute, sturdy magnets.
  • Create a magnetic card with important phone numbers or any important note that needs to stay in view.
  • Add a magnetic backing to a small notepad for easy refrigerator note taking and list making.
  • Decorate your refrigerator for the holidays by adding a magnet backing to holiday inspired images. 
3. Magnetic Labels
Any metal cabinet, shelf or bookcase can be labeled with these easy to cut magnetic sheets. 
  • Use bright colored cardstock or paper such as Astrobright's fabulous color selections for visual impact.
  • Print your own labels in fun fonts.
  • Perfect for small or non-standard spaces since they can be cut to any size for even the smallest of shelfs, drawers or cabinets.
4. Business Card Magnets
Need to organize and keep business cards handy and easy to locate. Add them to the magnetic craft sheets, cut to size and display them on cabinets, white boards or refrigerators. 
Magnet backing for Business Cards
5. DIY Save the Date Magnet
Use the magnetic sheets to turn Save the Date invites into reminders as they can easily be placed on the refrigerator for reference. Add a special photo and they serve as a great gift for your recipients as well. Where many services can deliver Save the Date magnets at cost, this is an easy DIY option! 
Save The Date Magnet using Magnetic Craft sheetsSave the Date Magnet using Magnetic Craft Sheets
6. Magnet Crafts and Activities for Kids
So many ways these magnetic craft sheets can be used for fun and learning. Older kids with scissor skills can participate and cut their own shapes, while younger kids can benefit from magnetic activities on refrigerators, metal cookie sheets and white board surfaces.
  • Create mosaic magnet art
  • Unleash your children's creativity with magnetic shape art
  • Create some Holiday fun with a magnet Christmas tree activity.
    • Cut a Christmas tree shape and apply to Magtech magnetic craft sheets. Trim excess and place on magnetic surface such as cookie sheet, magnetic board or refrigerator.
    • Apply magnetic craft sheets to various DIY ornaments such as mini bows, bells, paper ornaments and/ or light bulb shaped cut outs. Cut to size and trim excess.
    • Have fun decorating the magnetic tree over and over again.
    Magnetic Craft sheets DIY shape puzzles  Children's magnet shape puzzle made with Magtech Magnetic Craft Sheets
    • Create your own magnetic tangram puzzle or magnet shape pictures for hours of screen free fun. 
    • Create your own magnetic picture puzzles! Toddlers love these easy to make puzzles! Sequence puzzles, shape puzzles, and picture puzzles will exercise their brain and little hands as they piece together your DIY puzzles. 
    Magnetic Self-adhesive Craft Sheets for DIY Magnet Puzzles for kids