3 Occasions When Magnetic Photo Frames Are the Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift can be an exercise in futility for some of us. It’s hard to choose something that will absolutely please the receiver. And when you think you finally found it, you start to second-guess your purchase, feeling like you’re standing on tenterhooks, waiting for your family member, loved one, or friend to let you know how well you chose. Well, you never have to go through that again with magnetic photo frames. At least, if you’re gifting these on certain occasions. And we’re here to let you know just what those times are.

#1: Retirement Party

One of your colleagues is now going to retire and try to enjoy the rest of his/her life free from the drudgery of working in your office day in and day out. Of course, everyone will be giving him a token gift to remember them by. YOU can give him a set of magnetic photo pockets 4x6, something larger like a 5x7, or a variety pack. He (or she!) can use the magnetic picture frames to store pics of his work friends (or family if he is being picky about it) on the fridge or in that RV that he is planning on driving around the country in.

#2: Grandparent’s Birthday/Anniversary

Fridge with pictures

We all know how our grandparents absolutely love to look at pictures of their grandkids every chance they get. Which means, a pack of magnetic picture frames is going to be the best gift ever. They can use it to organize the photos on their fridge as well as keep them from fading/getting torn up. They can even use it to decorate the walls of their RV. 

#3: Celebrating Someone’s Promotion to Office Manager

Ok, so this is a very specific event and will not apply to you if a) you do not have an office manager and b) you are the office manager. In case this is something that could potentially occur in your life, read on. If not, then this is the end of our article for you.

Magnetic photo frames are the perfect celebratory gift to someone who has been promoted to office manager. Typically, this job entails a lot of administrative duties which includes managing the filing system of the office. A filing system needs labels and magnetic photo frames are perfect in that regard. As office manager, he or she can also use the same frames for placing instruction manuals or reminders on the printer, company refrigerator, office cooler, etc.